Room Service

for Playa Vista

Delivery Fee

you Need

30 Minute

An exclusive benefit for Playa Vista residents.

A Better Life

An oasis in the big city, Playa Vista offers parks,
pools and community amenities that make life
great. Room Service by gives you
the joy and luxury of service on demand that’s
FREE to all households within Playa Vista.

Benefits of Room Service

Room Service by is great
for all your grocery needs; whether a
gallon of milk and box of cereal or all
your groceries for the week.

Beer, wine and liquor too! Delivered
ice cold and ready to serve.

yummy truck

More time for what You love

Room service is great for busy days, entertaining, movie
night, barbecues, breakfast tomorrow or when you've
just run out of something...

Anything You Need,

What Customers Have to Say

Order Fast,
Deliver Fast

Order From Anywhere! It's great for
staying in, last minute groceries,
entertaining and more.

Customers say after having room
service, they have more time for
what's important.