No Delivery Fee

No Delivery Fee
30 Minute Delivery

Save Money

First Month

Live a better life!

Live a
Better Life

A Better Life

PERK makes life easier.
Spend more time doing what you love.
Get started with PERK today.

Benefits of PERK

Yummy Delivery

Fast Free Delivery

Free grocery delivery in about 30 minutes
means that you have more time and more

PERK at Work

PERK is the perfect gift for employees, friends,
family or anyone in your extended network.
Add as many members as you want.

Office Meeting Delivery
Couple Ordering Online

A Helping Hand at Home

Everybody needs help sometime.
With PERK, help is waiting for you
when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

PERK is a new benefit program available in the service area. With PERK, you can give your clients, friends, family and employees the benefit of FREE delivery of groceries, prepared foods, beer, wine and liquor from Best of all, PERK deliveries are made in about 30 minutes. For example, if you order at 1 pm, will deliver around 1:30 pm.

PERK makes a great gift and helps your clients, friends, family and employees live a better life.

With PERK, your clients, friends, family and employees can order anything from with no delivery fee, courtesy of you. The only limitation is that our minimum order is $25.

When you Sign Up for PERK, our system will automatically waive the delivery fee for everyone in your PERK Community. You decide who’s eligible for PERK and can cancel at any time.

Once enrolled, your clients, friends, family and employees will order online at PERK benefits are automatically applied to their account once enrolled.

PERK costs $20 / month for the first 5 users. Each additional user costs $3.

PERK Pricing

PERK is a great way to show your
friends, family and co-workers
how much you care! Sign up
today and give the gift of time and


$20 / MONTH


Minute Delivery

Unlimited Deliveries

$3/Month each additional user

How Much Will PERK Cost?

Estimate how much you
will spend to add PERK to your
business benefits.


Estimate PERK Fee:  $0.00/month